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Feat. Topshop, American Apparel, Primark & More!

Autumn Winter AW13 Style
American Apparel Full Woven Plaid Skirt
Accessorize Bumblebee Print Rucksack Backpack
Redhead Autumn Fall Outfit
Bershka Biker JacketAmerican Apparel Plaid Tartan Skater Skirt
Plaid Skirt, Cropped Jumper and Biker Jacket
Outfit from Topshop, American Apparel, Bershka and Primark
Biker Jacket - Bershka
Knitted Fluffy Cropped Jumper - Topshop
Full Woven Plaid Skirt - American Apparel
Black Hi-Tops - Primark
Bumblebee Print Rucksack - Accessorize

Hey everyone, dropping in with my latest OOTD as featured in my Autumn Get Ready with Me Video! I'm just loving this outfit at the minute, and have been loving it since I wore it first when I went to visit Liam for our 3-year anniversary. What I like most about it is that it is warm and cosy without looking too bulky. I'm always wary of wearing big coats, because I sometimes feel swamped in them, but this biker jacket keeps me snug without covering up the rest of my outfit.

This Topshop jumper is equally amazing - I'm obsessed with it! It's so soft and fluffy, an angora-ish feel, and is cropped just at the perfect length to wear with high-waisted skirts. I managed to pick this black version up in Topshop's Petite range, but their normal range also has a version in pale pink, mint green and loads of other pretty colours! I think I may be visiting again soon... Also, how adorable is the print on this Accessorize backpack!? The bag itself is gorgeous as well - great quality and beautifully made, I love it!

I have been wearing these hi-tops from Primark way too often, literally every day in college! But it really is just too cold to wear the cutesy little ballet flats and loafers that I normally wear, and my other boots have fallen apart after about 5 years of wear and tear. ): While I love these shoes, my housemates despise them, because the buckles jingle like crazy every time I run up and down the stairs! Not the nicest thing to hear at 8 a.m. every morning, I'm sure!

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So this is the outfit that I featured in my latest video! Did you enjoy the Get Ready with Me kind of video? I had lots of fun filming it!
Let me know what you all think, and keep happy and healthy, my lovelies!

P.S. Can't decide which photographs to use for my Lookbook and Chictopia pages, what do you guys think?
Scotty Hollywood


  1. Wow, you look lovely! I just adore that cute skirt! Your blog looks really great :)

  2. Love those socks and sneakers with the more formal skirt. You're very pretty.

  3. Oh my oh my....start off with the prettiest smile on the internet....and all that lovely layering....... the beautiful colors, your beautiful hair.......
    the perfect look...... that skirt is so pretty......

    Jayme, your fashion and ballet loving GUY fan from the USA.

    I wouldn't mind hearing you jingle at 8 am on the stairs..... trust me....
    It would brighten my day......

  4. These photos are amazing! Gorgeous outfit & love how it blends with the beautiful autumn colours <3

    Sophie soinspo